San Antonio – Very first Trio – of the Victor Lima – Partners sense first totally natural threesome with friend

? Roentgen.D.T. – because of the C.D.Elizabeth. – A spouse-to-getting is a little dismayed from the wedding provide his upcoming Mother-in-legislation gives your and his awesome the latest bride-to-be-to-be. (M+F, MM, intr, cuck, mc, preg, dom)

? Steeped Puppy – because of the Anjing – A refreshing boy wants to check out his puppy shag women and you can he’s rich enough to shell out the dough. So it twisted fetish ‘s the salvation to a single solitary Mommy from two, just who youngsters demands $4,eight hundred in less than per week to end foreclosures on her domestic. This woman is happy to do just about anything to prevent the ones from happening. (F/canine, exh)

? Flower Lane – from the Kristen – Regarding Ninety’s I lived in a great dated Victorian household with the Flower Lane inside the Bend Oregon. The massive old home was turned into rentals, and i encountered the quick one to at the very top with personal balcony. Lifetime are a beneficial, when the a little painful. However when Peter and you may Carmen Mallory gone from inside the next-home some thing had quite interesting. (FF, MF, MM, move, voy, exh)

Really, one night during the an excellent Halloween party my great boyfriend made my dream come true therefore we got our first threesome which have several other lady

? Runaway Husband – of the C.D.E. – A husband exactly who production locate his partner, whom he discontinued since she duped towards the him, accepts the price of leaving their and discovers to help you adjust and you can enjoy his the brand new part within her along with her lover’s (the girl real guy) lifestyle. (Fdom, Mdom, M+/F, MM, intr)

Tale from Susie, The fresh new – by the Anonymous Publisher – My quite wife, Susie, was raped by three black colored people and you can a dog. It was uncomfortable and disgusting, therefore we wanted nothing but in order to ignore they and sustain brand new degree from our people. I know you to we had feel ostracized in the event that our locals actually ever receive out. What we should did not discover is actually one to Lonny; a good fourteen-year-old next-door neighbor child had seen the whole procedure. And now Lonny wishes Susie to own their satisfaction or he is harmful to inform folks what happened. (m-teen+/F, partner, nc, voy, beast)

Sam’s Crazy Night – by the Blond Tuft – Hi, i’m called Samantha, my pals know me as Sam. I have got an excellent boyfriend, however, I’ve always fantasized regarding getting that have another woman. (MFF, university, threesome)

Saturday night Moving – because of the Andy G. – An artist sees a woman from the a-dance and does not see the horrors he will face. Printed in the fresh new Hp Lovecraft customs. (MF, gothic)

Saturdays which have Sadie – of the Adversity – An adolescent man begins an erotic reference to their five-year-old stepsister. (m-teen/f-infant, mm-young ones, inc, tall ped)

Conserved – from the Lord Komawara – A partner are unhappy in his relationship and you may subject to a beneficial co-worker’s charms when 1 day he could be with the a business travels that have a group on organization and has now a short affair. (MF, cheating, work-fling, oral)

Gender throughout the College or university – from the Carol – They have always thought that my attractiveness wouldn’t and won’t history permanently, however, which i should adore it for now, play with intercourse to own my personal fulfillment plus contemplate my a lot of time-name virtue

Scrabble – of the Mailman – Karen was my personal brother. Instance I want to define the woman, but for the newest number, she’s from the 5’4″, enough time black tresses, and you may deep blue vision. Some cute in fact. (bro/sis-toddlers, inc, 1st)

Seducing the newest Beginner Body – because of the Debbie Barney – I use the great benefits of my personal business updates to track down sexual with a sad child. (MF, reluc, blkmail, college)

Seventeen – from the Dixie S. Ucks – It was a separate sense for me. We understood Steve liked the idea of f**kin my butt, however, I did not know if I want it. Well. (M/f-teenager, first, mast, anal)